Respect elders & love children


Respect elders & love children

Islam is a religion of respect, and it is the core value that Muslims take it as an inevitable process but with an open heart and happy smile. As a Muslim, each person is responsible to respect elders & love children, willingly not forcefully, and that is the beauty of Islam.


Here, it should be noted that in the perspective of Regarding elders & adoring children, Islam provides vivid guidelines with practical steps; here are some useful discussion about Respecting elders & loving children that will help you because Regarding elders & tendering children are inevitable and should be dealt accordingly either one belongs to an eastern or western societies.


As a basic or trainee step, it is the duty of the family head and if you are the parent, it becomes your responsibility to teach your children and other family members about Respect & love. First of all, your attitudes will act as a catalyst for your family and for your kids, how they should behave and respect elders & love children. If you are sincere with your own ethical, social and religious values, it will be as easy as a piece of cake for you. So, here is also a dire need to scrutinize yourself so that a happy family and happy environment could be sustained not only outside but also inside the premises. You should remember that little children are very sensitive and can feel more, so it is your duty to present yourself as a role model in front of them so that they could easily follow you to learn.

Love children to attain respect


According to some viewpoint, it is also observed that little children love and show strong bondings with elders and it is the catch for you, take full advantage of that aspect. You should teach your kids, how to listen to elders and respect them because senior citizens are the precious source of invaluable knowledge and life experience and you shouldn’t neglect their importance to educate your family as well as to gain practical knowledge about Regarding elders & tendering children.

Elders tendering children

love grand parents

Grandparents and senior citizens usually need help; here your role comes in, you should encourage and teach your children, how to help others, such as whether, it’s in the garden to help your uncle in gardening and picking flowers or inside the kitchen with your mom to set the table and arrange tissue papers, etc. So whatever, the scenario and situation inside or outside the house, the term “sooner is better” will work here, as well; it means that the sooner you train children i.e. how to respect elders & love children the more they will be aware of that notion and be able to bring those fruitful results that will boost in our moral society and family.

love your toddler

It is also obvious that, not all people need help but your training and teachings will finely tune-up your toddlers to become a responsible and socially desirable personality rather than a victim of “antisocial personality disorder.” So, go ahead and proof yourself as a true family leader who loves ethical, moral and social values. Best of luck…