Meet the spirits of your loved ones

spiritual istikhara

Meet the spirits of your loved ones


Afore going to sleep at night perform (Wuzu) ablution then narrate the revealed (Du’a) supplication just one time and the supplication is:


ALLAHUMMA-ya Rabba Ibraheema-wa-Moosa-wa-Rabba-Es-‘haaqa-wa-Ya’aqooba-wa-Rabba-Jibraeela wa-Rabba-Mikaeela-wa-Rabba-Israfeela-wa-Rabba-Izraeela-Munaz-zilut-Tawraata-wal-Injeela-waz-zaboora-wal-Furqaana-l ‘Azeema Arini Fi Manaami Ma Fihi-l Khairaatu.


After reciting do not speak and lie on the bed on your right side according to Sunnah way, place your right hand under your right cheek, and start narrating this:


“Nabba aniy-al ‘Aleemul ‘Khabeer”


Unless until you fall asleep,


Inshallah by the Grace of Almighty Allah you will see in dream whatever you wish to see