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Balance your (Deen) religion and (Duniya) world for success

Balance your (Deen) religion and (Duniya) world for success Every now and then we find people working for this (Duniya) world and pretend to have overlooked that one day they will perish and be brought to...

Advantages of Durood Shareef

Gracious Almighty Allah Pronounces Advantages of Durood Shareef In authenticity, Durood Shareef is a prodigious, lordly and moral Du’a in the presence of Almighty Allah which is made for the holy Prophet Muhammad in command...

Respect elders & love children

Respect elders & love children Islam is a religion of respect, and it is the core value that Muslims take it as an inevitable process but with an open heart and happy smile. As a...

100% Ruhani/Spiritual treatment for Cancer

Spiritual cure for Cancer Spiritual cure is the best way to cure yourself and a spiritual cure through (Zaitoon oil) Olive oil. This method is the best and Spiritual method to cure cancer and it...
Islamic months

مبارک اسلامی مہینے

(1)… محرمُ الحرام :                         محرم الحرام اسلامی سال کا پہلا مہینہ ہے اور اس ماہِ مبارک کو بہت سی نسبتیں حاصل ہیں اس ماہ کی دس تاریخ کو یوم عاشورہ کہتے  ہیں ۔ یہ...