Benefits of the naturally crowned vegetable (Okra) ladies finger


Benefits of the naturally crowned vegetable (Okra) ladies finger


Prevents us from diabetes

Ladies finger (Okra) is known to benefit in prevention of diabetes. It is enriched with fibre which benefits in the deterrence of this disease.

Good folate content

Folate serums present in ladies finger (Okra) reduces the neural tube imperfections in a new-born baby. So it is greatly recommended for those women through pre-conception retro or pregnancy.

Vitamin K benefits from (Okra)

Vitamin K is a co-factor in blood-clotting procedure and also plays a vital role in consolidation the bones of our body.

Okra mascara a helpful remedy

Paste of ladies finger (Okra), helps to re grow your eyebrow and eye lashes. This paste can also be used in hair colour. Simply apply the paste on your hair as hair colour is applied.

Constipation relief by (Okra)

Enabling proper absorption of water, (Okra) lady finger guarantees free wave disposal by the body and therefore avoids constipation.

Skin welfares of (Okra)


Provides vitamin C for younger skin, Vitamin C found in this vegetable essentially helps preserve a younger eyeing skin. It helps in fixing body tissues and helps keep your skin younger and as well makes it look livelier.

It also prevents skin-coloring, while the nutrients found in Okra in fact helps to prevent skin coloring. It is also useful for reviving your skin and fixing damages.

Hair benefits of (Okra)


Last but not the least creates bouncy hair for those who are worn-out of distressed hair, use (Okra) to acquire that attractive bounce back.


Boil (Okra) with certain amount of water and apply the transparent mucilage to get your bouncy hair back.

Note; If these handling’s are carried out at a clinic would cost you immensely, but thanks to (Okra) ladies finger.